Kalevipoja Quarter – a fairy tale home

A fairy tale home

Kalevipoja Quarter, located near Tartu in the Raadi borough, is a home in the midst of enchanting greenery and a friendly feeling of togetherness, something straight out of a fairy tale. This is a complete package whose thorough planning offers the best living conditions for families, but also for younger and older people. The city and the nature merge into one, giving each day a special ambiance and making local life wholesome.

A home in greenery

The idyllic Kalevipoja Quarter, located in the Raadi borough, is only 10 minutes away from downtown Tartu by car. The comforts of city life are melded together with the serenity of the suburbs, with everything you need right at your fingertips – shops, kindergartens, parks, the Raadi school, which the parish plans to build nearby, and the community centre, which is going to become the heart of the area.

A childhood full of adventure

The greenery and cordiality of Kalevipoja Quarter are like an adventure park for children, full of new discoveries and delight. The playgrounds become a wonderful kingdom, where every swing and slide take part in endless exploration. The fun that kids can have on non-motorised transportation roads with bikes or rollerblades create memories that last a lifetime. Childhood here is like a fairy tale book, whose pages are filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

A harmonious whole

The buildings have 2- to 4-room homes that are spacious, well-planned and light- filled, creating a comfortable living environment. The large balconies act as an extension of the living spaces in summertime, while the large storage areas in the basement have plenty of room for all your things. A lift gives easy access to your home and a large space for bikes adds points on practicality. Each home has a parking spot, and to keep up with the times, there is an electric vehicle charging station as well. The building has an energy efficiency class A, which allows for not only an environmentally friendly life, but also affordable operating expenses thanks to the solar panels on the roof. Welcome to your home, where comfort, energy efficiency and smart floor plans make up a harmonious whole!

A company goal is to provide customer satisfaction, a feeling of safety, and high-quality service

The beginning of OÜ Ceteles’s activity dates back to 7 November 1989, when the cooperative KSK opened for business. In 2015 the Tartu real estate market experienced some unexpected twists and turns, which resulted in the emergence of OÜ Ceteles. OÜ Ceteles is currently specialised in construction project management and the development of real estate projects. Company mediate the services of subcontractors to contracting entities, bearing ultimate responsibility before the contracting entity.

A company with a long history and extensive experience

Ignatsi OÜ is a company with a storied history and a wealth of experience, with its main area of activity being the development of residential areas. The beginning of the company’s activity dates back to 1989, when the cooperative KSK began operating. As a result of the reorganisation of various companies, KSK became AS Merko Tartu, which in turn emerged as Ignatsi OÜ in 2015, following division.