Energy performance certificate

Energy efficiency class A

The energy efficiency number, based on the energy calculation of apartment buildings located in the Kalevipoja Quarter, corresponds to energy class A.

Energy efficiency class A means lower energy costs for everyone.

Our own small power plant

A small but efficient solar power plant, which belongs to the apartment association, is also installed on the roof of the apartment building.
The solar power plant ensures the maximum use of available solar energy, guaranteeing the satisfaction of residents thanks to low electricity costs.

Use of generated electricity

The energy produced by the solar power plant is primarily directed to supplying the building with general electricity. Electricity is first used by the following technical systems in the apartment building:

  • forced ventilation unit with heat recovery;
  • lift;
  • corridor, general and basement lighting;
  • power supply to the gas condensate boiler (supplies the building with heating and domestic hot water).

In case of a surplus of electricity produced, it is sold to the distribution network, and the income received can be used by the apartment association of the building at its discretion.

About the building


The exterior walls of the building and the walls between the apartments are laid out of small hollow blocks of concrete with a thickness of 190 mm. The load-bearing walls of the plinth floor of the building have a thickness of 190 mm. The cavities of the blocks are reinforced and concreted. The exterior walls of the building are covered with 200 mm thick insulation (EPS), finished with polymeric plaster and imitation brickwork.
The interior walls of the apartments are made of plasterboard on a metal frame.


Floors of prefabricated reinforced concrete hollow panels with insulation layers and a reinforced concrete slab.


The residential building has a flat roof, covered with a double SBS coating.


The apartments have triple-glazed windows with plastic profiles.


The front door of the building is metal profile and glazed. The exterior doors of the apartments are wooden doors with oak veneer (EI-30, 40dB), equipped with a doorknob. Interior doors are light wooden doors.


The balconies of the apartments are bound by metal glass railings. Pedestrian gates are installed for the ground floor apartments. The floors of the balcony are covered with wooden gratings, under which waterproof plywood is covered with roll material.

Heating and water supply

The building has its own boiler house, which is equipped with a condensate boiler powered by natural gas.
The apartments have water underfloor heating. The calculation of heating costs for each apartment takes place on the basis of the number of square meters.
The apartments have water meters to account for hot and cold water consumption.


Air exchange and a healthy indoor climate in the apartments are ensured by a forced ventilation unit with heat recovery installed on the roof of the building. Separate roof fans are used to ventilate the kitchens of the apartments.


A building connection shield has been built on the border of the plot. The main fuse of the building is 3×63 A. The apartment has two-tariff electricity meters, which are installed in the main switchboard located in the basement. An in-apartment electrical switchboard is installed in the apartment. In addition, solar panels are installed on the roof of the apartment building. The required number of sockets is installed in the apartment.


A phono lock equipped with a camera is installed on the front door of the apartment building and internal telephones are installed to open the door to the apartments. The house has the required number of power sockets and sockets for data communication. The apartments are equipped with an optical light cable that meets the technical conditions of AS Telia. The communication network inside the apartment utilises CAT-6 cabling.


Exterior lights with automatic control will be installed on the façade, at the entrances to the building, and street lights will be installed in the car parks. Lights equipped with a motion sensor will be installed in the stairwell and basement. Recessed LED lights have been installed in the washrooms and plaster ceilings of the apartments, according to the project.


The building has a Kone elevator, which moves from the basement to the top floor and provides good access to all floors with both a pram and a wheelchair.


The basement of the apartment building has spacious storerooms. The price of each apartment includes one storeroom.

Outdoor area

Car park

In the courtyard of the apartment building there is a car park, which is partially asphalted, and under the parking spaces is concrete paving stone. The walkways are covered with concrete paving stones.

The price of each apartment includes one parking space. It is possible to purchase an additional parking space, if there are vacant spaces available.

One electric car charging point is installed in the car park, which makes it possible to charge two cars at once. There is 1 disabled parking space. Guests can park on Kalevipoja Street.

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is installed in the parking area and walkways.


According to the landscaping plan, trees, shrubs and hedges have been planted around the building, and a lawn area has been established.


A children’s playground will be built on the property, which will be used by those who love to play, both big and small.


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