• Raadi’s kindergarten Ripsik is located on Mõisatamme Street 30, Raadi.
    More information about the kindergarten kindergarten Ripsik.
  • Raadi childcare is located on Pärna Alley, Raadi.
    More information about the childcare Raadi childcare.
  • Kindergarten Päikeseratas located in the small town of Kõrveküla.
    More information about the kindergarten kindergarten Päikeseratas.

The following kindergartens in Tartu municipality provide pre-school education Kindergartens – Tartu municipality.


Kõrveküla Primary School

Lähte Coeducational Gymnasium

  • The fields of study of school are media, technology and sports.
  • Free school meals.
  • The school has a dormitory that allows accommodation for students from all over Estonia.
  • Several nice hobby groups.
  • Library
  • More information about the school Lähte Coeducational Gymnasium.

More information about the Tartu munitcipality schools General education schools – Tartu municipality


There are three hobby schools in Tartu municipality.
More information on the municipality’s website: Hobby schools – Tartu municipality.


  • Vahi Selver – a 15-minute walk from Kalevipoja Quarter. Selver to be constructed at Nõlvakaare 4, Raadi, completed in autumn 2024 – around 2.6 km from Kalevipoja Street
  • Maxima X Piparmündi 1 – a 14-minute walk from Kalevipoja Quarter
  • Raadimõisa Coop Konsum – around 1.5 km
  • Grossi Toidukaubad – around 2 km
  • Terminal Raadi service station – Raadi Terminal.




Dog playground is located at Majoraadi Park.


The bus stops closest to the Kalevipoja Street living quarter are:

  • Mõisa puiestee by Vahi tee, around 300 m from Kalevipoja Quarter
    City line No 9
  • Vahi tee by Jõhvi-Tartu-Valga Road, around 500 m from Kalevipoja Quarter County lines
  • Melissi in front of the Maxima X store, Vahi Street, a 14-minute walk from Kalevipoja Quarter
    City line No 8
  • Kummeli Kummeli Street, near Vahi Selver, a 15-minute walk from Kalevipoja
    City line No 4 and 9

For more information, see the map for Tartu City bus lines: Geographical map (pdf)


For cyclists, Kalevipoja Quarter has easy and quick connections with all areas of Tartu.
For more information, see the Tartu bicycle map.