Sales info

3 stages of the sales process

1. Booking the apartment

The apartment reservation is valid for 14 calendar days. Registration is free.

2. Contract under the law of obligations

A notarised contract of sale under the law of obligations is concluded with the buyer, in which all of the transaction details are agreed upon. The contract under the law of obligations is subject to the buyer paying a minimum of 10% of the value of the purchase-sale transaction.

3. Real right contract

Is concluded after the completion of the building. The buyer pays the remainder of the purchase price and the right of ownership of the apartment is transferred.

Apartment price

The apartment price includes:

  • Interior finishing according to the selected package;
  • Parking space;
  • Pantry;
  • Establishing and joining utility networks;
  • Bicycle storage in the basement.

The price of the apartment does not include:

  • A notary and state fee related to concluding a sales contract;
  • Fees for a connection to data communication, cable television network, telephone networks.